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Business strategy by founding teams from successful companies.

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Marketing Strategy

Case studies on what worked (and what didn't).

Read, first-hand about how entrepreneurs got their first 1,000,000 podcast downloads or decreased customer acquisition cost 5x.

"We want to understand how businesses run from the inside and how their strategies can be adapted elsewhere. Most businesses fail within 5 years, we're on a mission to change that."

Nathan Grieve
Founder, Project Hatch
Of Interviews and Case Studies With Founders
Case Studies up to $2m per Month
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What is Project Hatch?

Project Hatch explores how businesses were built - from the viewpoint of their founding team.

How do I build a ....?

Whether you looking to build a marketing agency, ecommerce business, create a SaaS company or an offline service - you will find examples to learn from others who have done so successfully in the past.

Unique Ideas

Explore businesses you didn't even know there was a maket for. Ideas including personalised rubber ducks and semi-permanent tattoos using tribal ink.

Podcasts and Blogs

Ever thought about building a podcast or a blog? Find out how from those who've generated millions of views and downloads...

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