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The most valuable information available for understanding how a business works comes from speaking to their founder or founding team. These are the people who have been there from the start and are generally completely invested both financially and emotionally in their company's success. This is why we speak to founders for writing case studies - we want to understand how businesses run from the inside.

Project Hatch is a community site with a goal of featuring case studies from entrepreneurs who’ve created successful businesses and non-profits so aspiring founders can learn from them.‍

In order to provide value we will focus on early stage growth and ask questions that reveal strategies you can use to grow your own company. “How did you get your first 3 sales?” “What was your first major obstacle and how did you overcome it?” “Why aren’t you 3X the size you are now?"

Most business owners give up within the first year - the ‘Hatch’ year. Our focus is on resources to get entrepreneurs through that first 12 months.

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