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888 Area Code-Location. Timezone. Toll Free? Scam? Who's Calling

Richard Bagnell
Richard Bagnell

Receiving a call from an 888 number can make us wonder where this is coming from. Is it from a legitimate business nearby or is it from a scam? Read below to find out more about 888 area code.

Where did an 888 area code come from?

An 888 area code is one of the toll free area codes under the North American Numbering Plan used for businesses and customer service that are recognized not only in the United States but in Canada and the Carribean as well. Toll free numbers are numbers that are used by businesses that place the charge on the recipient of the call instead of on the caller. These toll free area codes don’t have a particular geographical location of origin.

How do I call up an 888 number?

Calling up an 888 or any toll free area codes would require the same format of 1-area code-number however not all the toll free numbers go to the same recipient even if you punch in the same number. For example, punching im 1-800-number would reach a different establishment than punching in 1-888-number as toll free codes are actually wired in to different locations.

Can I text an 888 number?

If the particular business has the number on text enabled then you can send a text message and they in turn can reply via text.

How do I obtain my own 888 number?

To obtain your own toll free number would require you to go to the FCC or the Federal Communications Commission where they have RespOrgs or Responsible Organizations who are in charge of assigning these numbers. Usually these toll free numbers are obtained via auction and on a first come first serve basis.

How is a toll free number 888 good for my business?

If you have a business then getting a toll free number would be highly beneficial for both you and your potential customers. Toll free numbers don't place a charge on the caller rather on the recipient making it cost effective on the end of your customers.

Toll free numbers are not only for the United States but also for Canada and the Carribean meaning that even for longer distance calls, customer service would still be free.

Is 888 a scam?

Normally toll free numbers are used by businesses for the purpose of customer service. However since most numbers nowadays can be customized anyone can get their own 888 number and have it pass off as a legitimate business.

Stay vigilant and don't fall victim to scams. If someone calls you pretending to be a business, look them up to see if they are legitimate or if the number they use is the number given online. If discrepancies arise, hang up and block the number.

How do I block unwanted 888 calls?

To block an 888 number, follow these steps:

For Android users, go to Recent Calls, click Details and then Block Number. For iPhone users go to recent calls, click the encircled i and then go to more information then choose block this number.

Is Area Code 888 Toll-Free?

Yes it is. It is toll-free for a customer to call an 888 area code number in a country within the North American Numbering Plan. This includes US, Canada and 22 other countries.

Toll-Free Area Codes

As well as the 888 area code, the other toll-free area codes are 800, 833, 844, 855, 866, and 877. They are toll-free within the USA, Canada and all countries utilising the North American Numbering Plan. They are commonly associated with customer service lines for companies, but can be used by other parties.


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