Toucan Toco

Creating Easy-to-Use Low-Code Data Visualization Software for Company Decision Makers

Charles Miglietti

We have 120 customers and thousands of users, our current revenue is between 7 and 10 million euros.

Charles Miglietti

Toucan is a data storytelling company created in 2014. Many companies have been investing human and financial resources in Business Intelligence tools with the promise they'd become data driven; however, those tools (Tableau, PowerBI, Qlik, MicroStrategy...) remain too complex for business users to use (20% usage rate).

Through a consistent, easy to use User Experience, an all-mobile approach, and features incorporated in the platform to boost usage rates and collaboration, we've been able to gain the trust of over 100 Fortune 500 companies namely LVMH, L'Oréal, Kering on use cases in HR, Sales, Finance, Retail Ops... with monthly retention rates of over 80%.

Toucan Toco Charles Miglietti

Toucan Toco was just at the beginning a Dataviz consulting product, through gradual decisions we had week after week a real product vision that appears. Our first clients, that we found in our network, were also the one who helped us to develop our solution and define what were the real needs. Our approach design first and very easy to code solution helps us to give the real agility that our first customers needed. The fact we were pulling ourselves from nothing gives us the liberty and opportunity to succeed with our first customers and go beyond! We started thinking our idea was good when our customers were willing to pay for a product we were at that time only pitching and at that time only my partner Kilian Bazin had the experience in this SaaS company. For the first 5 years, we were financed by our clients, fully bootstrapped and we raised 12 million 6 months ago from Balderton Capital, led by Bernard Liautaud (founder of Business Objects).

Who is your target demographic?

Toucan Toco is a low-code data visualization software. We have since the beginning as a target decision-makers: the interface of Toucan Toco is very intuitive and data can be dived through clicking, sliding and zooming on the screen. Each data visualization is implemented as a web app and accessible on any mobile or tablet. Simplicity is what allows Toucan Toco to ensure widespread uptake across large organizations, such as Pôle Emploi, with the top 200 executives using the app to track any business metrics, (unemployed, training ..) or The President Emmanuel Macron using it to follow the evolution of his reforms.

Toucan Toco Platform

Since a year, we set up the Embedded Analytics offer, and we are expanding Toucan's mission by equipping other technological players (CPO / VP Engineering in B2B software companies from 0 to 300 people) with an analytical building block at their fingertips that will enable them to win the support of their customers and users at a lower cost.It makes it easier to implement data visualization and also 50% faster than with other legacy solutions on the market since it does not require you to learn a language.

Since we try to facilitate our customer work, we one time have a client who asks if Toucan Toco can predict the future! Not yet but maybe someday!

Where did you meet your cofounder/founding team?

I Met my partner Kilian Bazin in Highschool, we did the same engineering school and end up after our first professional experiences created Toucan Toco with our savings (20 000 euros) and paying customers. Our other partners David Nowinky and Baptiste Jourdan joined up the year after. We succeeded in creating a great performance team within two years thanks to our great network and cooptation. It helps us to succeed and earn our first revenues. Our first clients were definitely how we fund our 5 first years of growth !

What motivated you to start your own business?

Starting your business is a real personal challenge and adventure! Through my student years as an engineer, I had in mind to build something from scratch and I didn’t wait too much since I found my first company at 25 years old and Toucan Toco at 27. Family and friends were skeptical but I always loved risk exposure and adrenaline that I found back in entrepreneurship. Also what I was looking for was ways to multi-task from sales to product to understand how to succeed in a business, and I really thought it was the faster way to learn a lot of things. It appears to be true! In the end, I realized not a long time ago that I grew up with two grandfathers entrepreneurs that over the years they definitely give me inspiration and confidence to have my own path with entrepreneurship.

What motivates you when things go wrong? What is the end goal?

Building a successful and renowned company is my end goal and it helps me to motivate me when things go wrong. When you start a business it’s key to stay focus, focus and focus and build a strong value proposition. Through the years, we realized that LinkedIn was the channel that drove most sales and that the real oil to feed the growth is lead acquisition and hiring talents !

For any company, you will have competitors that lead to offer the same result to the end-user. To protect yourself and ensure your success, the key is to build a unique product with its own capabilities and architecture.

What are the top 3-5 apps your business could not run without?

We are a SaaS company working with SaaS App such as Trello, Gmail, Slack, Confluence (Atlassian) and Pipedrive for our CRM. They are core to all our processes Trello to organize our work teams, gmail to communicate with external people, Slack to communicate with internal people, confluence as our bible to write our manual from who we are to how we sell and Pipedrive to process our deals.

What are your next steps for Toucan Toco?

This first fundraising 6 months ago enabled Toucan Toco to push simplicity to the next level with a new "business in a box" product. This self-serve product will offer a wide library of ready-to-use data storytelling templates. Users will be able to pick one and connect it with various data sources, such as Aircall in a few clicks, creating a bespoke tool in minutes. For now, we are 90 employees in 5 countries, we have 120 customers and thousands of users, our current revenue is between 7 and 10 million euros. We are willing to have over 1000 employees in 5 years ahead with many customers worldwide. We have this desire to remain craftsmen in our production but industrial in our international distribution.

Would we ever sell? Someday maybe but definitely not in the few years.

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