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We often get asked what we software we use to run this site and also what tools the companies we interview use. Today, I'm going to share all of the tools we use and some additional ones that come a lot in interviews.

Here is a list of the 29 tools we use and have most often seen founders use to take businesses from idea to actual revenue. We may include affiliate links below if relevant. I've included two books come up in interviews a lot and personally love.

Website Builder

  • Webflow - This what we use to run Project Hatch. It is the most customisable website builder.

Screen Recorder

  • SmartLook - Watch how users interact with your site.


  • Hooked - My favourite start-up book, it goes into to detail on how to build habit-forming products that keep people coming back.
  • Traction - Gabriel Weinberg and Justin Mares discuss 19 channels to gain traction (customers) for a product or service, and we tend to only look at a few we might be familiar with.


Competitor Research

Email Providers

  • Email Octopus - Free up to 2,500 subscribers
  • Klaviyo - Perfect for ecommerce stores who need automation


  • Hunter - Finding and verifying emails. Find the right people and don't bounce.

Avoid Distraction

Media Coverage

Colour Picker

  • Colour Hunt - Helps with finding a brandable colour palette.


  • Loomly - Social Media Automation

Analytics + Reporting


Image Editors

  • Canva - Great free plan for editing photos and creating logos
  • Placeit - Mockups for designs and products
  • Tiny JPG - JPEG and PNG compression
  • - Reduce image size by around 90%

This list will continue to grow so please reach out with any tools you love and I will check them out!

As an Amazon Associate we earn from qualifying purchases.